Normally running the '' is the part of the daily routine to make a backup about the required components (mainly the config, SI, alerts, etc...)

In a case of a problem we can restore the data with the same script from the previous backup...

EXCEPT any of the databases (postgres, mongo) are damaged/corrupted !!!

If the database cannot start, we cannot restore the saved data, because the invoked restore commands are expecting a startable (and already running) database !!!

So, this is a 'stalemate' :( We need to restore the database, because it was corrupted/damaged. Currently the database is unstartable… And the restore function requires a RUNNING state :( :(

ER1: Enhance the '' to be able to make a database backup in a format which could be use to rebuild (with another '' option) from the scratch a new database

ER2: A standalone utility (script) which can create an empty database with the appropriate credentials. If it ready, we can restore the previously saved backup content :)

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