When in taken RDP of any server from PAM it should allow user to copy and paste/ share data from desktop to the server and vice-versa other than the default RDP capability of mapped drives. As few customer may have hardened their environment not to use rdp default sharing capability. This required with the environments where this is been hardened that there should not be any local drive should be mapped to the RDP machine(s). there should be any other way that a user can share files between RDP server and user Desktop and vice-versa.
I have seen with one of my customer that their environment is hardened, where they can not map any drive when taking rdp to any server and they are not able to share files any ways.
As heard that in other similar product this capability is available and it will bring more value to current customer and future customer as well.
Also it will bring more value to our product while competing in the market.