In large deployments with thousands of managed nodes, users and credentials, it would be good to be able to import and export the entirety of the PAM configuration in one flat pack file that details registered nodes and their keys, custom rules, users/permissions, credentials, and installed modules to allow rapid redeployment in the case of a physical server or VM environment failure. It may not be possible or practical to retrieve a VM image, but if a password protected backup of the PAM instance was made regularly and transmitted to responsible parties, it would be possible to restore service relatively quickly and with little difficulty on new servers. It would also permit the automated deployment of PAM across multiple internal environments where needs/security rules are similar even though their networking is siloed.
At the very least, a tool that could produce such a portable profile would be useful in the case of permitting infrastructural upgrades where clusters of servers need to be re-provisioned, and in cases where clients need to upgrade from an older version of PAM to a newer one and need to migrate to new servers/operating systems in the process.