To be able to run the password reset using scheduler for the privileged account set in the credential vault. This is to comply with the password age policy.


  • We agree that the idea of this Idea is an important add to the PAM product. Said perhaps a different way is that "The accounts within the credential vault, regardless of purpose, should be able to have their passwords managed by the application" is the way we are looking at this issue. We are currently planning on partially addressing this issue in the 1H CY'18 release of PAM where we will manage only the service account credentials, but are looking to fully address this issue in the subsequent release of the product. Please note, that this is our current plan and can change if customer and market needs compel us to change our plans.

  • Is there any plan to include feature above?

  • I think this is supported in current version PAM 3.6, please mark this completed.