Currently, a reporting server can only report on one ZENworks zone at a time - one ZENworks database and one Audit database. To report on more than one zone currently, there has to be two different reporting servers, or one needs to be reconfigured to point to the different zone.

Being able to point to more than one ZENworks zone would be helpful to any administrator with both a development and a production zone. It would be really nice to be able to test a report against both development and production from the same reporting server.


  • The new model is to have subscriptions from Test (or Development) Zone to a Production Zone for a single environment.
    It is important to view reports from both Zones for the environment.
    It doesn't make sense to install two reporting servers for the single environment OR to switch between the two zones for reporting.

  • I agree. We are in the process of moving to a new Zone, but have both currently managing workstations.

    Due to federal regulations and oversight, I must be able to report from both zones at a moment's notice. I am having trouble justifying the need for double the resources, so I can report on a system that will be gone in the next 9 months.