Per the documentation (

Note that when theLockedcheck box is checked, the filter is not
available to end-users when they run the report. The condition can
only be removed from the view, if needed, but not edited.

It may be designed that way, but the design is flawed! To me, the ad-hoc view is a work in progress so we should be allowed to change anything at any time. Once we've published it as a report, *then* it should be locked down. I'm happy that this gets enforced in the Report but it should not apply to ad-hoc views.

Allowing a user to choose any pre-filter they like, build an ad-hoc view around it, delete it but *not edit* it seems illogical. This is a pointless and obstructive function that serves no useful purpose. I cannot envisage any use-case for this i.e. *Why* can we delete but not edit?

Without being able to edit, you end up with 1:1 ad-hoc views to reports resulting in extra administrative overhead and not being able to fully utilising the flexibility of maintaining a single ad-hoc view.

Please can we have functionality to be able to edit locked pre-filters.

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