Example walk-through:

- Create an Ad-hoc View showing OS Product and OS Service Pack
- Choose Options, it's possible to select an OS Service Pack that does not exist for a given OS Product Name

In other words, we should only display the OS Service Packs that apply to the selected OS Product Name, so in the above example, only display '1' (possibly a bad example, but you get the idea) as there can't be a Windows 7 Professional Edition SP2, SP3 or SP4, so why display these? Why allow a user to select them?

This lack of sanity-checking between strictly-related fields is reflected throughout ZRS, not just the example above.

Until this experience is delivered, the reporting server can only reliably be used by knowledgeable ZENworks admins, who know the data sufficiently well not to enter garbage. In the example, above, it is fairly obvious. For more niche products, who knows whether WidgetApp 5 has an SP2 or not? ZRS should guide us, otherwise every ZRS user has to know everything about every SP version for every product.

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