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    Patch management options in advanced search

    I would like to search on devices on Patch Management - Last Patch Scan (similiar to "Inventory - Last Load Date") so that I can find devices that are not running Patch ...

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    Mechanism to avoid reboots during user sessions.

    Currently the method for rebooting a device following patch installation has the potential to disrupt a users session with the chance of data loss. For instance a user ...

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    reset signature cache

    reset patch can lose history. But sometimes we want to force a full download of all patches. It would be nice to have an option (maybe sysvar or flag if not in ZCC) to ...

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    Create filters on Pre-canned Reports so we can filter

    Example: Report: Not Patched Patches by Device Give us a filter so we can filter only on Criticals and/or Recommended and/or Software Installs. Also a filter for a ...

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    Schedule patch deployment on shutdown

    Windows Update/WSUS deploys patches on shutdown. This is the most convenient way to deploy patches without disturbing users. ZPM needs the same.

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    More options and analysis of deactivated patches

    In ZPM, patches can be disabled at least by "by User", "System", "Superceeded" or "Withdrawn". In the past automatically deactivated patches by ZPM were often categorized ...

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    Make last DAU time available in ZENworks Reporting

    As a user of the ZENworks Reporting system I want to be able to create ad-hoc reports that contain information about the last time a device successfully provided it's ...

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    Display more progress during patching operations

    As an administrator I want the option to have detailed progress displayed to the user during patching operations so that my users know the device is being patched and can ...

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    Provide a non-snoozable notification as last step before a forced ...

    As an end user when my machine is patched and needs to reboot I was to see some kind of notification before it actually reboots so that I know why the machine is ...