Currently the method for rebooting a device following patch installation has the potential to disrupt a users session with the chance of data loss. For instance a user may leave their workstation for an extended period during which a patch is installed that requires a reboot, the system will prompt them that this will occur in, say, 10 minutes whilst they are still away. The machine reboots as designed and the user has lost their very important work. OH NO!

This could be resolved if there were an option in the Patch Policy Reboot Behaviour section to reboot the workstation when no user is logged in or upon user logout if there is a user session in progress at the time of patching.


  • This is a great idea. I would add that, in an additional "never reboot between the following hours" would be useful otherwise the start of a group activity could be delayed by this patch-on-logoff behaviour. The behaviour would be something like:

    If patch needs reboot AND no-one is logged in THEN
    WAIT UNTIL there is no-one logged in AND the time is outside core hours

  • I've noticed this with competitors' projects and lost data (virtual machines) because they would do exactly this. The amount of frustration I feel when this happens is hard to describe, and I at least understand the need and risks associated with not patching, where many end users do not.

  • An option to "Update and Shutdown" as seen with the Windows system updates would be very useful.

  • Great enhancement request! By chance, I recently had a customer ask me for a way to do this and one of my engineers came up with an approach the customer was able to implement. You can read about it in a Cool Solutons article at

    Darrin VandenBos
    ZENworks Product Manager