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    Portable Agent to call for Remote Help

    Portable Agent to call for Remote Help, like Bomgar or TeamViwer. Sometimes a employee needs for help in unmanaged devices.

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    remote zac

    With PowerShell you can enter a pssession on a device without affecting the user it would be great if the zac commands worked remotely through the ps session so you could ...

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    Allow custom message on blank screen

    Allow custom message on blank screen when remote controlling machine. When we lock the keyboard/mouse and blank the screen, staff members assume the computer is hung and ...

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    Recording Remote Control Session

    Provide an option for recording the remote control session. Currently I use a third-party utility to provide this functionality (SnagIT from TechSmith.) In tracking ...

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    Remote join proxy as default way for remote control/scale

    Hi we would like all our devices to connect via remote join proxy as reduces the need for main firewall changes to be made for remote control to work. The issue we have ...

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    Better control for remote control session timeouts

    There is no warning when a remote control session expires. When remote controlling a workstation and logging in through a remote control session, it would be great to ...

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    Need to remote manage RDP session

    Issue: When customer is rdp a device, ZCM remote management can't see the rdp session. This prevent help desk to work on customer session. Proposed Solution Improve ...

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    Remote Management Viewer for Mac

    As of today the Remote Management Viewer is only available for Windows and Linux. A native version for Mac would eliminate the need for an external VNC Viewer app for Mac ...

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    Chat Client with Remote Management in ZCM

    It would be useful to have a chat facility available while running a remote control session with a device so that 2-way conversation can take place if phone is not ...

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    Allow thread pool to be configurable in Wake On Lan

    Currently, in order to check if WOL is successful ,we ping the devices on port 7628. In case the device has not woken up yet, or the agent is not up yet, then the ...

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    Better Status reporting for Wake On LAN

    In order to find out if the device has actually woken up, they use reporting and check for certain status message in the DB. We have found that even though the WOL packet ...