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    Update ZCM Agent Update or Bundle execution on shutdown

    It would be very useful to schedule the ZCM-Agent update on System shutdown like Windows Update behavior. So users work is not disturbed. It would also be nice to start ...

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    Display bundle name instead of GUID in the error section

    It would be helpful to not have to manually find the name of a bundle by the GUID. When researching errors it gets a little time consuming.

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    Chat Client with Remote Management in ZCM

    It would be useful to have a chat facility available while running a remote control session with a device so that 2-way conversation can take place if phone is not ...

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    Action for creating shortcuts and pinning programs to taskbar

    ZCM could have a bundle action type out-of-the-box for creating Windows shortcuts. This should be able to build .lnk files with tunable options like in old ZENworks ...

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    Install executable action

    As an administrator I want an action that is an "Install executable" action that allows me to specify the current executable launching options and the ability to upload ...

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    Rename Windows Devices in ZENworks Control Center

    Need ability to rename Windows Devices in ZENworks Control Center without physically visiting the workstation. Useful especially IT Admins would like to standardize ...

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    Recycle bin for ZENworks objects

    As an administrator when I delete objects in ZENworks Control Center I want them to go to a Recycle bin where I can then restore them if they were accidentally deleted ...

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    Add Powershell support as a bundle action

    We can do bat, vbscript, perl etc as a run script action but if you want to run a PowerShell script then you need to run one action to create the script, one to run ...

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    All columns should be sortable in the ZCC

    When viewing details of devices, bundles, etc., in the ZCC, I can only sort by name. All fields should be sortable. For example, it would be great to be able to sort on ...

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    reconnect remote session after reboot

    I would like that the remote session will reconnect if i reboot the remote-machine.

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    Launch executable (or other file) from Bundle directly

    If we want to launch a file or executable for example a ZAV package, Zenworks has to copy the file to the local drive and then launch the file. It takes more time and ...

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    Allow "Retries" in bundle actions

    Often we get an error "msiexec is in use" when we want to start an installation. Mostly seen when the user logs in to the device (our "force run" bundles are set to ...

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    Add Workstation groups to Bundle requirements

    Currently, if you want a bundle not to run on specific devices, you would have to use the "Specified Devices" requirement. If you have more then 15-20 devices this ...

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    Major and minor bundle versions

    I'd like to see MAJOR.MINOR bundle versions. Say you had developed a bundle and rolled it out to a bunch of machines, but then discovered that you needed to tweak the ...

  • Planned


    progress meaningful when Show Bundle Activity is yes

    show more meaningful infos wenn "Show Bundle Activity" is set to yes. a) show wich action is performed at the moment b) make a real progress bar where you can see the ...

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    ZCM "maintenance" mode

    It should be possible to schedule "things" like system update, bundles, patches to be applied during a "maintenance" mode period. Maintenance mode would be a ...

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    History of User "logged into devices" in the past

    Dear Sir / Madame, If I am in the ZCM Console and find a certain person, I can see into which devices this person is logged into. So far no news. A few months ago I had ...

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    Ability to reinstall the ZENworks agent without uninstalling current ...

    We have had cases where we need to manually re-install the ZENworks agent or manually install the latest ZENworks agent. In both cases, the installer fails because ...

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    Mark Bundle as already installed

    I want to see an option to Mark Bundles as already installed on some devices. So I can prevent big installation-bundles from beeing applied when they are already ...

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    Bundle action requirement "Registry Key Value" and "Sting Type" is ...

    In ZCM Version 11.4.1 it is impossible to do a reliable compare of windows registry values that are of type string. The reason for this is because of an sign by sign ...