Need to be able to produce a canned report via ZRS that shows the output from following

> ZCC -> Patch Management -> Patch Policies Tab -> Pick a Patch Policy -> Patches Tab

Why can't we just use the ZCC page?

The customer is effectively a service provider; i.e. They patch their customers' devices. They then need to provide a report to their customers showing how successful patching has been, what work is left to be done, etc. They are essentially paid on these results.

The ZCC output is not polished enough to present to customers and so we are looking to ZRS to create professional reports that can be auto-generated and emailed as appropriate.

It appears that the necessary domain objects are not exposed to ZRS which means that it is not possible for the customer to create the report themselves via JS Studio, for example.

NRFE / MG / 10954695720 / 932843