As a ZEN admin, with-in appliance console, I need a facility to change currently configured ports on a ZENworks Primary server. I should also have a choice to specify a different port during deployment of an additional ZENworks Primary.


  • Appliance is supposed to be as much locked in as possible. Is there a strong use case why someone wants to use ZENworks on non standard ports other than 80/443 ?
    I think it is best left not configurable in my opinion.

  • If it is an appliance, I think we should not allow ports to be reconfigured as we would like things to be simple. Why would someone want to change from standard 80/443 ? Is there a use case I am missing ?

  • In our case, we want to be able to use Quality of Service (QoS) on the network to throttle traffic. It is far easier to use a custom port to accomplish this than filtering traffic by sending/receiving host. As it stands now, to use a custom port we need to rebuild our Primary servers and block the default ports before the installer runs.

  • Security Through Obfuscation is another.

  • Use Case 2: 1st Primary is a Non-Appliance on Non-Standard Ports. Install Primary and it will default to same Non-Standard Ports. Customer wants to revert to "Standard Ports". (Actual Real World Scenario)

  • So we are just starting to look into appliances and our real world scenario is this:

    We are looking to extend our ZCM zone of 130,000 managed devices into the DMZ to meet the needs of the remote workforce and it looks like we need to have Primaries out there, not satellites. Our security team tells us that if we can run on a platform other than Windows then we need to. They also tell us we cannot use the common ports of 80 and 443.

    While we have 2 options for a Linux based solution, the appliance is preferred but for it to be approved we have to move off of 80 and 443 like we have done with our other 3 dozen Windows based Primaries.

    We do not have to agree with what the security team mandates but we do have to comply. Something as simple as not allowing the ports to be changed is enough to force us to take Appliances off the table entirely.