Be able to have 2 or more Remote Control Policies. One for IT Administrators that does not require end user connect permission. The other for Application support staff who require end user permission before allowing Remote Control.


  • Is it that you would like to have different remote management rights to the same remoted user depending on who is connecting to the remoted device?

    In the current product design & implementation, we enforce remote management security by the logged-in user and not the connecting remote operator. You can have a device assigned remote management policy, which does not enforce the prompt for permission.

    You can oversteer this with a user assigned policy as required which actually requires the permission prompt. You can have different users with a different effective remote management policy to differentiate between different security needs.

    With such a configuration you could get direct control of the device by asking the logged-in user to logout or by temporarily assigning a different remote management policy to the affected user (which would only be effective after a (partial) agent refresh).