Non-persistent VDI's perform a Zone registration at every startup. This is done using the ZCM server included in the file c:\program files\novell\zenworks\conf\initial‑web‑service. Currently only one server is supported in this file. This creates a singe point of failure, because when this ZCM server is not available, the non-persistent VDI's are unable to perform a registration.
In our situation, it would be desirable to achieve redundancy in the registration proces.


  • I'm not sure, if I understand the problem correctly.
    But I think we still use more than one server in the "initial-web-service" file to avoid this problem.
    The file is filled with the definitions made in the PreAgentPkg_Agent.exe. So if you use the standard package from one of your primaries you will only have this one in the initial-web-service (normaly DNS-name and IP of it).
    If you create a custom package (Deploy, Edit Deployment Package) and edit the primary servers in step 2 than this servers will be added to initial-web-service file and are used for registration.
    I think it would altough be possible to add a DNS-entry which pointing to some servers.

  • Thank you for your reaction,

    This was what i initially was thinking as well. In fact, i have tested this scenario. Creating an Deployment Package with multiple servers does indeed change the initial-webservice file, but it does not work. The process only seems to check the first server in this file. I consulted Novell after testing and this was their reaction:

    "This is a good question. I can see how this could be a single point of failure in your set up. Currently, there is no redundancy built into or around that file -- the obstacle is the certificate which can only be on one server."

    We are currently investigating some other options. We could create a second Golden Image with a different initial-webservice file which could be activated if required, but that is not the preferred way to go.

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  • Mhhh... I think I should check if our file is still working.
    One more question - are you using internal or external certificates?

  • We use internal certificates. There is no problem with registration to another server (we currently have 5 zcm servers), but we have experienced that putting multiple servers in the initial-webservice file doesn't work.
    Thanks and regards.