An Administrator would like to have reporting abilities to report on bundle actions
based on the data like action name, action type , action data . Various requirements might fit into this where someone needs to identify which bundles uses a given name of file or script or registry or path or network share to able to identify, change or correct all these bundles or its actions.


  • This would indeed be handy. Currently, I run a database query to get that information but this would allow the bundle creators to do it themselves.

  • We have situations where there are several hundred bundles. When a server is retired and there are bundles that access files on that server, it is not easy to find out which of the hundreds of bundles are going to fail. Waiting for users to complain doesn't do the trick, and makes ZCM look bad. While it is possible to use zman commands to get bundle details (e.g., which bundles have server01 in the that I need to change to server020, it is extremely cumbersome and time consuming. An addition to the ZRS that allows an administrator to see the details of each bundle in an easy-to-read format would be a great enhancement.