ZENworks appliance comes with JeOS and Ganglia today. It provides built-in performance monitoring web interface. Unfortunatelly, it does not provide error reporting and does not have any API/other way to forward monitoring data to a monitoring system.

Service and perf monitoring in an enterprise looks like this: hosts and services report their status (or get polled) through SNMP or by using an Agent (Tivoli, Nagios/Icinga NRPE, custom scripts...). The agent or an SNMP query provides data to the corporate monitoring and notification system which then processes the data.

ZENworks appliance should contain a way to extract perf data through a standard way. E.g. net-snmp package, monitoring scripts/checks, etc.
SUSE guys can provide more details on this topic.


  • All MicroFocus appliance need to include Nagios agents IMO.

  • How can you currently monitor diskusage of the ZENworks appliances with nagios/icinga?

  • It is our policy to monitor the availability of our servers with nagios.
    Ganglia on the appliance does not provide error reporting and has no any way to forward monitoring data to a central monitoring system.
    The lack of net-snmp on appliances is a big issue for us

  • If I must use Ganglia to monitor would it be possible to send some of the Diagnostics information to Ganglia - specifically the database connections from the Diagnostics page in ZCC, I would like to see this information available via Ganglia graphs as well.

  • I only need the monitoring-plugins package usable for Icinga/Nagios. But the ZENworks appliance had a really small repository.