zenworks has a build in intelligence to see if install actions are needed or not.

eg. if you just change the bundle name and increase the version - the install actions are not performed.

thats good in many situations.

but sometimes you want to redo the actions and want to be sure the build in intelligence dont skip the actions.

then the workaround is to edit and save the action, without a real change.

for this this situation a "force" switch would be good.

please see also the opposite feature request:


  • This is already part of the feature set. The relevant feature is called a "bundle verify" and you simply can assign this as a quick task to the machines you need fixing.

  • I dond't want to fix devices.

    I want to be sure that the bundle gets installed on creation time.
    due to the zcm-intelligence there is a chance that its not installed and just the version goes up.

  • But I still don't get why you cannot just "verify" the bundle if you want the install actions re-run. This is doing exactly what you initially asked for.

  • "Major and minor bundle versions" would be a good solution for this idea.

  • If you want the bundle to run through the install actions every time install bundle is called, wouldn't you just set the install options to "Install Always" instead of the default of "Once per Device"?