In our company the most device are imaged in our HQ and chip them to any branch office. The devices are created in location folder from the HQ. We has to move the device to the correct folder of the branch office (long time ago in Zenworks the device were automatically moved to the folder of there location).
It would be great if there were a feature that check the content of the resisted device and moves it automatically to the correct folder.

The structure would be:
/Devices/Workstations/Win7/Location_1 (Rule Win7 + IP Net-segment Location_1)
/Devices/Workstations/Win7/Location_2 (Rule Win7 + IP Net-segment Location_2)
/Devices/Workstations/Win7/Location_.... (Rule Win7 + IP Net-segment Location_...)
/Devices/Workstations/Win10/Location_1 (Rule Win10 + IP Net-segment Location_1)
/Devices/Workstations/Win10/Location_2 (Rule Win10 + IP Net-segment Location_2)
/Devices/Workstations/Win10/Location_... (Rule Win10 + IP Net-segment Location_...)

This would be a ZEN feeling ;)


  • My customer had about 100 sites, and machines movements are often occurs. Such features would be helpful

  • We support a similar workflow: devices are imaged/configured in a central location and shipped to branch offices. Currently humans must remember to move the device object in ZCC to its proper (future) location...and humans are terrible at this kind of thing.