1. I would like to have someone at Micro Focus contact the submitter for each idea they submit to make sure Micro Focus understands the issue and to provide feedback for the feasibility/possibility and when it might be implemented. Currently no feedback is given, even on ones that go to the planning stage. A conversation between the submitter and the Micro Focus reviewer needs to take place so that what the developers are providing will satisfy the request.

2. Be able to see all the ideas I created.

3. Be able to export all of the ideas I created. This would be handy to give to others for voting on.

4. Additional status listed on the idea that someone from Micro Focus has read and acknowledged it, and has reached out to the submitter.

5. If an idea is not possible, I would like an official response from Micro Focus listed on the idea stating so and why, pointing to any relevant documentation.

6. If an idea is a misunderstanding by the submitter of existing functionality due to a documentation or training issue, I would like a kind official response from Micro Focus listed on the idea stating that the idea was not needed, and why, and point to the relevant documentation.

7. Each idea should have a targeted release listed.

8. There should be an option to be notified of new ideas.

Please also reference https://ideas.microfocus.com/MFI/novell-zcm/Idea/Detail/1913



  • For #8, we already receive emails for our submissions that get comments so the groundwork is there. The notification of new ideas should have an option for getting them as they are submitted or in a digest form for the week or other sensible time frame. I really wish someone from Micro Focus would respond to these ideas!!!

  • Yeah, it is a bit hard not to feel that a lot of the ideas, particularly those with large amounts of votes that have been sitting in the ideas list for ages, aren't being seriously looked at. Surely the point of this place is to see what QoL features their customers *actually* want.

  • Yes please. I support use of the Idea Portal and the benefits it provides to the Micro Focus team, but in order to add value for me - beyond just providing a place to submit feature requests - there are things I need out of this as well.