Official FTF's can come in various forms depending on the issue: file replacement process, bundle import, etc.
Having an FTF registry in ZCC to record what FTF's are in place on the device would be a quick easy way to see which have been applied.
This may be manual at first but would keep zenworks FTF's known, in case of issues.
If every FTF had a small file to import as part of the process to keep this registry up to date (or if the FTF was in the form of a bundle it would register automatically).
With the ability to edit this registry in displaying which device(s) or all that this FTF was applied.

This would history records of FTF Maintenance would assist troubleshooting.


  • This would indeed be handy. We would use it to track FTFs applied to Primary and Satellite servers but not sure about user devices due to the number we have. I would like to see the info include the bug numbers, release notes, and what files were replaced. That could all be in a notes field I suppose.

    What do you think should happen after an upgrade where the FTFs would likely no longer apply?

  • If the system is modified it should be recorded.
    So I'd suggest after upgrades they remain for history purposes.
    If after an upgrade the issue is seen again or similar symptom, the information may be valuable to support.

  • Would be useful to have this info in ZCC - when we have added new servers to the zone, I have to go through my own records to see which to apply and double-check to see if no longer required if we've updated since