Assets need a place to go when not deployed to a users desktop. Items like PCs, Laptops, Monitors, printers are assets and those assets have a lifecycle. A asset needs to be managed from delivery to disposal. ZCM only handles it during its live in use period.

When they first arrive at the company they are unpacked and imaged and placed on a shelf, then they are deployed to a users then they come back for whatever reason and go back on a shelf until reused.

I need to be able to report on all my inventory not just active devices in Zenworks.

Today I have manual access databases holding all my assets because ZCM does not have a place to put assets when not in active use or assets that do not have IP addresses.

I would like to use ZCM to manage all my MIS assets.


  • There was a Stock Room construct as described in the Tally Systems TS.Census product and it would be very helpful in closing the gap between what we have now and a true asset management system. An import feature is pretty much essential to make data input efficient, especially as a logical source point for data comes from purchase/delivery documents coming from the hardware side of a third party.

    The ultimate extension of this idea is, of course, to allow hardware to be managed in much the same way as software with regard to purchasing, the front end of the lifecycle. Then there's a need to manage disposal on the end-of-life side of the timeline.

  • It would be usefull to have the location stored with assets. The by the agent detected Network Environment and Location for instance. Not historical, but the location where the workstation resides on the moment of the inventory scan. By doing this we can locate monitors, USB attached devices like printers and scanners. Those devices should store the location where they are being inventoried.