The zman bundle-export-to-file command should export the bundle's icon to a file so that it can be used later to create the bundle with the zman bundle-create command.


  • I support this proposal.

    By the way: the icons are here:

    Program Files (x86)\Novell\ZENworks\share\tomcat\webapps\zenworks\images\appIcons

    to find.

    Always on the server where you worked on changing the icon

  • You also can get there using the undocumented SOAP API. Quick&Dirty Powershell code:

    $ZCMServer = "localhost"
    $SourceBundlePath = "/Bundles/Applications/My Bundle With Icon"
    $DestBundlePath = "/Bundles/New/Iconless Bundle"
    $ZenCredential = Get-Credential -Message "Please provide login data to your ZCM server"

    # Connect to Zenworks SOAP web service
    $SOAPBundleAdmin = New-WebServiceProxy -Uri "http://$ZCMServer/zenworks-bundleadmin/?wsdl" -Credential $ZenCredential
    # get the icon from $SourceBundlePath
    $BundleIcon = $SOAPBundleAdmin.getBundleIcon($SourceBundlePath)
    # set the icon on $DestBundlePath
    $SOAPBundleAdmin.setBundleIcon($DestBundlePath, $BundleIcon)