We image our PCs using MDT. Our base image does not include Zenworks for obvious reasons, so we push the application out as part of the process. Unfortunately, after installing the agent it does the usual request to restart, and defaults to automatic after 5 mins if not cancelled. There are other things for the MDT task sequence to perform after the install. sort of defeats the object if we need to have someone monitoring to cancel the restart of we have to install Zenworks manually.
There are natural restarts involved in the process, so could we have a command line switch to change the default time, or prevent an automatic restart.


  • I deploy the ZENWorks agent as part of my MDT task sequence as well. Are you not using the -x parameter (along with the -s parameter) for the ZENWorks installer to stop the auto-reboot?

    e.g. PreAgentPkg_AgentCompleteDotNet.exe -s -x

    Or am I not hitting the mark here? :)

  • Also, I use this nice PowerShell script from Cool Solutions https://www.novell.com/communities/coolsolutions/cool_tools/installing-zenworks-agent-microsoft-deployment-toolkit-mdt/ to install the agent in my TS because the ZENWorks agent installer is quite frankly frustratingly bad at spawning a gazillion msi's which makes the TS move on from the agent install sequence thinking it's done since the original setup process ends before the agent has actually finished installing, causing the TS to fail because of already-running MSI processes when the next action kicks off.