We have found out, that the ZENworks Agent Service touches every file in ZENworks cache during logon phase with Windows Performance Analyzer.

If ZENworks cache is cleared with zac cc, the logon duration drops from at least 3 minutes to 2 minutes or less. On slower machines it can result in multiple minutes of saving time during logon.

Is there maybe some more to tune to shorten the logon times?

Is it a good idea to weekly enable a zac cc?


  • I like to see the recommendation from Micro Focus

  • Yes, good idea.

  • i´m interessting about the Micro Focus statement.

  • Automating the Running of "zac cc" would not be recommended.

    In regards to logon performance questions, it would be better to open an SR or for Educational Customers w/o SR Support use the Support Forums.

  • And why is zac cc not recommended? (I'm asking because it is tuning our logon procedure.)

  • https://support.novell.com/forums is the support area.
    The idea Portals is to request new Features for the Product.

  • I'm glad someone else has noticed this. The difference in login times between having the ZEN agent installed and not for a school environment where login times are critical, particularly when not every older device can have an SSD due to tight budgets, has made me begin looking at alternatives.