Since ZCC helper has been introduced having lots of challenges with installing it and upgrading it consistently and all goes back to it installing into the User profile folder on the machine.

Having issues with variations on local device config meaning some users getting told to install ZCC helper when its already installed, also means much easier to deploy as only needs to be installed once on a device rather than for every user that users the pc.

So can we have ZCC helper install to the local machine and %program files% folder for example so any user with any config (redirected folders for example) can use ZCC.

There is this TID - https://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7021234 but that is a workaround as if you just copy the files you do not get it appearing in add/remove programs, also when you update the ZONE you then have to manually update each device that you applied this workaround too as the new installer defaults back to the profile.




  • Great idea, please this will help so much!

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