I have often seen that the time is wrong on pc´s out of the box. When i image this device I get a logon error or registration error because date and time is wrong. So it will be nice to pull the ntp time and write it to the hwclock tool in the pxe runtime environment.



  • Weird, I never experience this. I wonder what makes our company different. Maybe ENGL does something to the HWclock already? (We use ENGL)

  • A method/option to set the time/date of the device during imaging against the satellite server would be great.

    We currently use a vbscript to sync the clock to a public ntp server with the unattend.xml using the oobeSystem pass FirstLogonCommand entries. This is early enough in the process to set a reasonable time/date so the agent can register to the zone and the system can join the domain.