Being able to login to the zenworks mdm end user portal and scan a 2D barcode from mobile device to initiate enrollment would be a wonderful feature to have.
The way I see it is:
1: User logs into EUP from desktop browser
2: User chooses enroll device with available options of Managed or Activesync if allowed by admin.
3: Barcode generated for device scan.
4: Once scanned, device put in pending enroll state if meets criteria, If device isn't approved, user notified appropriately via popup message and email.
5: Barcode disappears and next options on desktop browser displayed such as Private or corporate ownership etc if applicable.
6: Once all decisions made and the OK is clicked, device is auto approved and enrollment completes silently.


  • With upcoming Zen 2017Up2 supporting Android for Work, the Android Zenworks app needs to be able to scan the invite to minimize having user type username, password etc.

  • I've been told this is officially coming in UP4.