The Numbers are a bit confusing when bundles are chained in dependencies - so the actual action name and the "owning" bundle name would be a great enhancement in the troubleshooting stages.
As the current "show progress" option the could be an "show detailed progress" with the label and hierarchy info.


  • More detail would be nice to see when troubleshooting. I voted for both ideas.

  • How is this still not a thing after all these years of ZCM? We provide meaningful names for each action within a bundle and this is not reported when the bundle is launched in the progress window. Why not?

    We provide meaningful names for each "launch bundle" action in a bundle task-flow. Why are these names followed by the current action being performed within that "launch bundle" bundle not being reported in the progress window?

    All this information exists. It should be reported. This is just as much for the end-user to know what is happening as it is for us admins when we need to trouble-shoot why a bundle is not working.

  • Honestly, I'd rather be seeing user-facing information in a different field than admin-facing information. While an action name of "Install RSAT 1803 for x86" might be relevant and helpful to an admin, it certainly will not ring any bells with the average user. So I've created a similar feature request, but with a separate "progress message" field: