We need a dashboard to display the active online devices and users!


  • It would be very helpful to be able to see total users logged in and active devices and them be able to drill down and select user or device.

  • To upscope this feature: a dashboard that shows devices by last contact/lost status/retired status. Then the drilldown would bring the admin to the filtered list of devices so he/she can refresh, retire/unretire or unregister selected set of devices.

  • This dashboard should also include a chart about last inventory time (what percentage of devices has been inventoried in the last 7/30/90 days). When clicking a section of that chart, the list of those devices should appear to initiate a "Scan now" action on them.
    The dashboard should help finding correlation between last contact and last inventory date.

  • I too would like a 2017 U3+ dashlet for device last inventory scan date.

  • For those with Patch Management - last Patch Scan too please, so that we can readily spot where devices require a repair.