Today several of my customers use ZCM Remote Control to support their users in- and outside of their companies. As the amount of phones and tablets grows they would like to remote control those (IOS, Android,..) devices too. Now MDM is part of ZCM 2017 it would make sense to add this Remote Control feature to the products as they do not have to rely on another 3th party product for this.


  • This would be very useful an cost reductive for our company so we can manage endpoint devices from one console, so please realize this if possible Yesterday :)

  • Out project managers and engineers leverage remote control to support their teams. Would be great to extend this in a save and easy way to Mobile devices.

  • We have also customers using other product's for mobile management and ZenWorks for PC's. Remote management for mobile devices would be a big step to integrate also mobile devices to ZenWorks.

  • We use Zenworks for the administration of our desktops and laptops, and now with the corporate mobile phones of the company, and it would be a great contribution to have a remote control service to connect and solve problems from the central office

  • Having like Bomgar as a remote control solution in ZCM would make sense as this is what MF Support already leverages. Supports desktop/Mobile, IOS, Android, Linux, Windows, etc.