Microsoft is changing the default-way to install Applications.
They switch from Classic-Applications to "Modern-Apps" in UWP-Containers.
Some software is still only downloadable in the MS-Store(for Business).

It would be a great Feature and sales argument to integrate native support for:

->installation of appx-Packages
For example: (Upload appx-Package, give a Name, publish, finish....)
(like MSI-implemention at this time)

->integrate Microsoft App-store for getting Apps and push to end-user devices.
Browse MS-Appstore, or catch the URL from an app to integrate this app in Zenworks for distibution to end-user.

This Feature will simplify and speedup Software-packaging and make patching less time expensive.


  • This will be very importnat in the future.

  • This is going to be more important now that there is a windows 10 s version.

  • Yes, schools are now pushing for different UWP Store apps to be available on non-personal devices

  • We need it to. We want to have the shortcuts in ZAPP instead of the Windows Startmenu.

  • Integration of ZENworks with Windows Store for Business is essential now. I'd be surprised if this wasn't on the ZENworks roadmap.