Hello from germany.

I recognized some days ago that there is a problem when you upload a directory which contains very long path names, which is near the 255 character limit. - In our case it was an official installation dvd of microsoft dynamics nav 2016 client.

In the moment the zen agent on the client tries to download the installation bundle, it suddenly interrupts downloading at e.g. 80% and throws cryptical error messages. This is because bundles are saved to C:\Program Files (x86)\Novell\Zenworks\cache\*GUID*\............. which is of course a long file path already, and when the bundle you save to this location has also long path names the problem is there.

So I suggest that the length of the path/directory is already checked at the moment the directory upload is done, so the zenworks admin gets an warning or error message immediately at the moment of the upload and has not to fiddle arround with cryptic error messages later at the client.