Assume you have defined a Collection Data Form with fields such as the Department field with a pick list of allowed values. Right now, in the ZCC if you go to the Inventory tab, click the 'Detailed Hardware/Software Inventory, then click the 'Edit' link at the bottom of the page then click a pick list drop down for one of the WS fields (such as Department) you will only see values that you can pick based on previously populated values of WS for this field. You will NOT see all the values that you defined for this field in the Collection Data Form.

You should see all the values that have been defined for that field when editing the field in the ZCC. This allows the administrator to update the fields defined in the Collection Data Form without having to visit the WS to put in the value initially.


  • Given that the choice list entries for this particular case are held in a database table, it seems reasonable to leverage that table in more than one place.

  • hi that should be a good think

  • Workarround: Manually add the value (copy-paste) to the inventory of at least one workstation. You not need to visit a Ws to do this.

  • That doesn't really work. If you've just setup the pick list, you'd have to go manually edit items into a number of workstation records. Either you'd have to search for records for which each list entry was appropriate, or you'd have to stuff incorrect values into random records. One way not a good use of time, the other injects incorrect data.