ZCM should support CentOS releases in the currently supported branches.

CentOS is #3 on the top list of Internet's web servers (after Debian and Ubuntu), so shops running web services and ZCM are facing the problem that none of the top 3 web distros has any form of support in their systems management solution.

Since RHEL is already supported and CentOS is a binary-compatible derivate, I would suggest picking the low-hanging fruit first and implementing CentOS support even before planning for Ubuntu and/or Debian support for managed servers.

As of current, CentOS server admins are facing three main problems:
1. the Zenworks agent won't even start installing on current CentOS releases. The Linux agent installer does not handle double-dot version numbers (e.g 7.2.1511) correctly and aborts without reporting an error. Also, the agent installer is unable to correctly resolve and install the pci-utils dependency package
2. when installed, the Agent is unable to register with the zone as CentOS is not on the list of supported systems for the ZCM zone (/zenworks-registration/ostargets.xml)
3. obviously, Novell / MicroFocus support staff would not accept any support requests involving managed CentOS instances