When preparing a golden image for VDI deployment there is a whole list of commands that need to be done, why can’t we do this with a single zac command?

Unregister the device:
zac unr -f

Delete all references to the GUID on the filesystem using:
zac fsg -d

Clear the image safe data using Ziswin
ziswin -c

Delete the ZENworks cache directory
del %zenworks_home%\cache\zmd -s

Delete the ZENworks logfiles
del %zenworks_home%\logs -s

rename the initial webservice file so that at next boor the device will register as new machine
rename %zenworks_home%\conf\initial-web-service.bak to initial-web-service

Something like zac pmi (prepare master image) should be able to do all of the above.

In addition, when preparing the master image, I would like to control when to register. As example, in a VMware View environment I want to register after the second boot as it first needs to run through the sysprep process.

I would like to skip the registration after the first reboot, so could we add an option “skipreg” to zac pmi that would add a line in the initialwebservice file that tells the registration process when to register? Just an attribute with a value that counts down when the registration process kicks in, if it’s 0 the device will register.

With that “zac pmi skipreg=1” would be all that is needed to prep a master image in an environment where a sysprep process is used.

This last option would eliminate the use of scripts in the VMware environment to get the registration done after the sysprep process.


  • Excellent idea, especially since ziswin.exe is not installed if one has chosen to disable that in the ZENworks Agent.