Currently there is no easy way to view the licensed products for which a given device has been added to the device allocation list. For example, Device1 has Microsoft Visio 2010 Std and Adobe Acrobat Professional installed, and has been added to the device allocation list for each licensed product for auditing purposes. The device comes in for depot repair 6 months later and the decision is made to just replace it. Sure, I could just look at the old device object's associated bundles in ZCC to see which applications need to be linked to the replacement device, but what if I want to keep the device allocations for ZAM accurate? Otherwise, what's the point, right?
I can browse through all of the Licensed Products to see if Device1 is in any of the device allocation lists, but I don't have a way to see all of the appropriate Licensed Product allocations in one place as attributes (or relationships) of the device object itself, nor do I have a simple way of allowing technicians to update those records when Device1 is replaced with Device2.
Beyond that, having the ability to automate some of those changes via a documented web service or REST API would be amazing - but maybe that's a different conversation.