Similar to how Patch Policies use rules to determine which patch content falls within scope of each policy, I would like the ability to create rulesets to automate some of the processing for Discovered Products exclusions. For example, I know that Adobe Flash will always receive a Standards Category of "No License Required" and will be Excluded. Same for the Java Runtime Environment, and dozens of other products.
Basically, keeping up with unreconciled discovered products is a non-trivial time investment, requires a whole lot of clicking in the web interface, and involves a lot of waiting for pages to load. Rules-based processing of exclusions would help me sort through the dozens of discovered products (or hundreds, in a busy month where I haven't been able to devote enough time to housekeeping) that I don't care about, and, more importantly, helps me quickly identify the ones I do (or might) care about so that I can deal with them and move on to other things.


  • I like this idea. I like the idea of the fingerprinting team pre-excluding these titles before they're ever seen in the Discovered Products stream. This used to happen much more effectively.