We would like to use ZAM to feed Service Desk for assigned licenses.
1. The current flow in ZAM for Departmental License managers to a) enter a PO and vendor, b) assign a item (type=license software), c) Assign a key, and d) assign to an item (Category = Hardware, Type=Dell Workstation, Apple Workstation .. etc., Item=Specific Workstation) is very hard to navigate and is very hard to teach a staff admin how to use it. You have to bounce back between several areas to get this done.
2. The ZAM data should be viewable by link in Service Desk. This helps when we double check that licensed software and codes are in the database when doing work on an asset.
3. Decommissioned hardware should auto release licenses and put it in a pool for the department admin to assign to another machine. this saves licensing cost by allowing concurrent or other acceptable reuse licenses to be reused and documented for auditing.
4. Any changes or transfers to a license should auto generate a ticket in service desk to either install or uninstall software. As things get more automated and Zen bundles created for titles, the assignment and un-assignment (uninstall action should be present) should also get created.
5. report per department OU on unused licenses.
6. Licenses in one department can be transferred to another department with an approval process.


  • Nice idea - let me add that when transferring a license between devices there is more and more often a "quarantine" period imposed by the software published that requires the license to sit idle for a period of time (e.g. 60 days) before it may be used on another device. Service Desk could help track these.