In the Purchase Record main folder, if you add sub-folders, they are never sorted in any order that makes sense. Suggest they should be sorted the same way that items are in Windows Explorer - sort the folders in alpha-numeric order at the top, then individual purchase orders below that.

Use case: as a best practice, I recommend creating a folder for each calendar year. I'd like these folders sorted oldest year to most recent year, followed by any purchase order numbers not placed in a folder.


  • I actually created an SR for this in January 2017. Micro Focus support provided me with a developer FTF for ZENworks 2017 which fixed the sorting issue. A bug was opened on this as well: Bug# 1023428: Folders created under Purchase Records are not sorted when “Sort by PO#” is used. So I think chances are good that there will be an official fix eventually.

  • That's really great to hear! I was actually irritated by this again just yesterday working with a customer.