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    Make Remote Manager NCP Volume Inventory exportable

    Volume inventory in remote manager is a strong and powerful tool to get a clue what's going on on your disks in an OES server box. Unluckily you cannot export and mail it ...

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    Ability to print AD and NCP Trustee Rights Report for an Entire Volume

    A way is needed to capture to a document the rights of an AD enabled volume. NoRM has the ability to capture NCP rights. NuRM has the ability to view both, but they can ...

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    OES Remote Manager NCP connections list date sort by date vs alfa sort ...

    The sort in OES Remote Manager in the NCP Connection list has a problem with the date field, in that it doesn't sort by date, but rather does an alphanumeric sort on the ...

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    NRM NCP file locking info and menagement

    Hi, NRM for NetWare shows correct NCP locking information about an open file and allows the administrator to unlock the file. NRM for Linux OES shows useless "lsof" ...

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    Roles for NRM

    This idea was originally submitted (Dec.4 2015) by one of our customer via our older Enhancement Request repository (RMS, record# 106371) Problem Description: Right now ...

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    Path Picker for Remote Manager NCP Settings

    Description: It is very easy for novice administrators to put in an incorrect path when creating NCP shares. The novice admins can have mistakes in capitalization (since ...

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    iPrint Health Manager Link for Remote Manager

    Description: Remote Manager is a useful tool for looking at the complete status of an OES server. However, it still lacks some functionality, even functionality that was ...

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    NSS Rights Available in OES Remote Manager

    Description: Discovering and modifying NSS rights in iManager or the Novell Client for Windows can often be a laborious ordeal, especially if many changes have to be made ...