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    Exchange Support for DSfW

    Almost every third party software that requires email integration provides support only for MS Exchange. I have alot of customers asking to replace GroupWise with ...

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    Delegate Control functionality should work

    Per TID 7003443 (https://support.microfocus.com/kb/doc.php?id=7003443) when using MMC: Active Directory Users and Computers -> Select Domain -> Right Click -> Delegate ...

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    WMI Filters for Processing GPOs

    We would like to leverage WMI filters for applying Group Policies

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    Make OES core components open source and part of SUSE

    Make OES core services open source and part of SUSE I know: this is easier said then done. For that, I will not too much go into the patent/lagel/IP stuff that may be ...

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    Update password details in crentential manager when using dsfw to ...

    When using dsfw to login to 3rd party applications the password is then saved in credentential manager. When a dsfw user changes their password the new password is not ...