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    Novell-named should support response policy zones.

    This has been available since bind 9.8.1 and now Windows 2016 has it implemented.

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    would like to control novell-named with rndc from another host

    novell-named listens at the loopback address at port 953 for rndc connections. # netstat -tlnp | grep :953 tcp 0 0* ...

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    Add split dns to DNS/DHCP

    Hi, Please add split dns to DNS/DHCP. Kr, Joeri

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    CAA Records

    Hi, We will like to make and use "DNS CAA Records" in our environment. but with OES2015 SP1 Server and also with OES2018 Server is not possible to have / create DNS CAA ...

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    DNS/DHCP plugin back in iManager

    More and more when have do the job from every where anytime when the plugin is back in iManager and it's accessible from mobile device, tablet and more we can do the job ...

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    DNS / DHCP Management Console should be installed via MSI on Windows ...

    Currently the DNS/DHCP Console is installed on 32-bit Windows using an older setup utility and the image assets are clearly from the 1990s. On 64-bit Windows the ...

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    Improve Image Assets for DNS/DHCP Console

    Image assets (icon, and images) of DNS/DHCP Console are constant from much earlier versions of the product. The low quality of these assets is causing customers ...