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    Provide a proper cross-platform NCP client for Mac and Linux.

    Mac users increasingly expect feature parity with Windows users. I suggest that now is a good time to build an NCP client for the Mac again to include features such as ...

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    Novell Client Redesign (Look & Feel)

    I realise there are a number of ideas regarding the Novell client now but my idea is based on the current Windows client. Functionally, the Windows client hasn't changed ...

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    Provide iPrint and Novell client for Linux

    The Linux Desktop is the one of most important technology in the near future.

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    Replace iManager to work without Java

    iManager relies on Java. Perhaps a different design is needed, one that works without a browser or has more consistent behavior with many more browsers, and without ...

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    Novell Client Redesign for Windows 10

    internal design of Novell Client 2 (since begin of Windows Vista) is a pain: - a lot of errors with the caching feature - very slow in handshaking protocol stack design ...

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    Automatic certificate handling with single repository for server ...

    SSL certificates reside in multiple locations on the OES Linux servers. If the certificates must be replaced due to expiration or other issues this means that copies must ...

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    Make OES complete solution for heterogenus clients (Linux, OSX, ...

    OES is only one enterprise grade Linux based file sharing, printing and id solution. Please do not loose ability to serve to multi platform eco and push the Novell ...

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    Deduplication in NSS

    Add basic support single volume deduplication to NSS at the command line with OES. Add it as a reporting option enterprise wide across volumes in File Reporter. Make it ...

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    Central management of OES servers

    We need to be able to centrally manage OES servers without additional tools. Windows has basic tools that let you administer servers. It also has GPOs to easily make ...

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    Better Profiling and Tuning Tools for eDirectory

    Description: When troubleshooting eDirectory slowness (but not outright dysfunction), it is often very difficult to diagnose the cause. Even Novell Support often has ...

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    SNMP Monitoring for OES

    Linux has native SNMP monitoring for trivial integration to existing monitoring systems. So does Windows (although it also has its own) All OES services are an invisible ...

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    DNS / DHCP Management Console should be installed via MSI on Windows ...

    Currently the DNS/DHCP Console is installed on 32-bit Windows using an older setup utility and the image assets are clearly from the 1990s. On 64-bit Windows the ...

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    OES Health Check - Self Healing

    When something stops working in OES, debugging is incredibly difficult for the Administrator. There needs to be a tool that checks all the OES service health. ...

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    Upgrade (Migration) to OES 2015 - Check for expired certificates

    The upgrade routine should check for expired certificates as STEP 1 in the upgrade process. This should be a Prerequisites checklist type of upgrade routine. If any of ...

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    Possiblity to migrate/move volume on NSS32 to NSS64

    Work in background without to off-line volume/pool

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    Rebranding term 'OES Network' in Log-on Screen of the OES Client

    We would like to change the standard networkname 'OES Network' in the term 'Logon to OES Network' from the OES Client. I think this should not be a great challenge. ...

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    NSS Rights Available in OES Remote Manager

    Description: Discovering and modifying NSS rights in iManager or the Novell Client for Windows can often be a laborious ordeal, especially if many changes have to be made ...

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    NSS support for NFSv4

    There have been some occasional requests for exposing NSS via NFSv4 protocol. If this is of interest to you please, add a comment with the use case and up vote it.

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    Support thin provisioning for NSS Volumes

    Customers want to save space on their SAN by thin provisioning volumes but if something like Salvage is enabled, the free space on the volume, and therefore all the space ...

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    /etc/novell-release file should contain indication of latest ...

    Hello During support of Open Enterprise server, a customer proposed that we include the maintenance patch level as well in the /etc/novell-release file So for example ...