• Planned


    Improve Image Assets for DNS/DHCP Console

    Image assets (icon, and images) of DNS/DHCP Console are constant from much earlier versions of the product. The low quality of these assets is causing customers ...

  • Planned


    NCS. Bytes Counter for cluster resources scripts in iManager.

    By years the limit length of the scripts of the cluster resources has been an important factor when designing the cluster services. In the NetWare environment the limit ...

  • Planned


    Folder Redirection to an OES CIFS Share

    So far the redirection of folders to an oes cifs share is not supported. It would be fine to have this an an oes server whose NSS volumes are AD-enabled. In order to ...

  • Planned


    Better integration in SUSE Manager

    We use SUSE Manager to patch all our servers. In our environment there are many OES servers. Since OES2015 there's no option to select the OES product like it was in ...