Work in background without to off-line volume/pool


  • I do want to support this very strongly. Copying millions of files to the new NSS64 format is a major task. Basically like switching to a new file service solution. Please work out a solution to upgrade the file system without moving the data. Online preferred, of course, but offline will still be better than what we have today.

  • Agreed

  • Much needed and long overdue.

  • Would this be possible to incorporate within the Pool Move system?

    If so it would majorly improve the process of getting from NSS to NSS64

  • Absolutely must have

  • It's a major flaw to not have a pool move strategy after introducing a new filesystem, seems to be another opportunity to move away from NSS for customers who may be getting pressured to move their filesystems to another vendor, this NEEDS to be develooped NOW!