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    Novell Client Redesign (Look & Feel)

    I realise there are a number of ideas regarding the Novell client now but my idea is based on the current Windows client. Functionally, the Windows client hasn't changed ...

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    OES Health Check - Self Healing

    When something stops working in OES, debugging is incredibly difficult for the Administrator. There needs to be a tool that checks all the OES service health. ...

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    Give us salvage for edirectory objects

    Wouldn't it be great to be able to restore an edirectory object removed by accident and be able to recreate it from kind of an edirectory salvage pool/trash bin? Who ...

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    SNMP Monitoring for OES

    Linux has native SNMP monitoring for trivial integration to existing monitoring systems. So does Windows (although it also has its own) All OES services are an invisible ...

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    SMT should be usable at OES2018 (Check TID7023687)

    SMT-Service is included in OES2018. But it does not run (Check TID7023687). Maybe because lack of a renewd API. We do not use SUSE-Manager to maintain our OES-Hosts. We ...

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    NetIQ Certificate Server: Check CSR before signing

    When import a external CSR to sign via the eDir-CA, iManager should check the CSR. If it is not able to issue a correct certificate (e.g. if the key lenght of the CSR and ...

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    Deduplication in NSS

    Add basic support single volume deduplication to NSS at the command line with OES. Add it as a reporting option enterprise wide across volumes in File Reporter. Make it ...

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    End to end encryption in OES-Client

    Our security staff wish an end-to-end encryption for the whole datatraffic. So the files will not be transferred between NCPserver and OESClient unencrypted.

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    Provide a proper cross-platform NCP client for Mac and Linux.

    Mac users increasingly expect feature parity with Windows users. I suggest that now is a good time to build an NCP client for the Mac again to include features such as ...

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    Novell-named should support response policy zones.

    This has been available since bind 9.8.1 and now Windows 2016 has it implemented.

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    Rebranding term 'OES Network' in Log-on Screen of the OES Client

    We would like to change the standard networkname 'OES Network' in the term 'Logon to OES Network' from the OES Client. I think this should not be a great challenge. ...

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    NRM NCP file locking info and menagement

    Hi, NRM for NetWare shows correct NCP locking information about an open file and allows the administrator to unlock the file. NRM for Linux OES shows useless "lsof" ...

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    it would be great, if oes2018.1 would support virtualbox, because qemu ...

    We often use virtualbox to create a small windows system (often we need some windows services or programs) on a oes host. Till oes2015.1 virtualbox works, but with oes ...

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    Exchange Support for DSfW

    Almost every third party software that requires email integration provides support only for MS Exchange. I have alot of customers asking to replace GroupWise with ...

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    Provide iPrint and Novell client for Linux

    The Linux Desktop is the one of most important technology in the near future.

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    NCS cluster rename

    Ability to rename an OES NCS cluster eg: old name = cluster1.Provo.Novell new name = CL-HQ-01.Provo.Novell The docs have a process to rename a resource, volumes and ...

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    Microsoft Azure Active Directory Integration

    With the increasing popularity of cloud services, many medium and large organizations are moving to cloud. Hence, integrating Azure AD with the Open Enterprise Server ...

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    Delegate Control functionality should work

    Per TID 7003443 (https://support.microfocus.com/kb/doc.php?id=7003443) when using MMC: Active Directory Users and Computers -> Select Domain -> Right Click -> Delegate ...

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    CAA Records

    Hi, We will like to make and use "DNS CAA Records" in our environment. but with OES2015 SP1 Server and also with OES2018 Server is not possible to have / create DNS CAA ...

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    NSS support for nested groups

    NSS should support nested eDirectory groups