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    REST Interface for NSS File Access

    There are numerous requests for Client for OES on Linux and Mac and redesign of Client for OES for Windows. There are currently no active proposals to create a new ...

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    Use letsencrypt for all OES certs

    Certificates management is tiresome and lack of proper use encourages insecure systems. There is a new, open, and free system that can securely automate SSL/TLS ...

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    SMT should be usable at OES2018 (Check TID7023687)

    SMT-Service is included in OES2018. But it does not run (Check TID7023687). Maybe because lack of a renewd API. We do not use SUSE-Manager to maintain our OES-Hosts. We ...

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    it would be great, if oes2018.1 would support virtualbox, because qemu ...

    We often use virtualbox to create a small windows system (often we need some windows services or programs) on a oes host. Till oes2015.1 virtualbox works, but with oes ...

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    Add split dns to DNS/DHCP

    Hi, Please add split dns to DNS/DHCP. Kr, Joeri

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    DNS / DHCP Management Console should be installed via MSI on Windows ...

    Currently the DNS/DHCP Console is installed on 32-bit Windows using an older setup utility and the image assets are clearly from the 1990s. On 64-bit Windows the ...

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    Able to make dhcp assignement static by clicking

    No big thing but should be fairly easy to do, be able to click on a assigned address in dns/dhcp manager to make static, perhaps also have choise to update dns by right ...

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    Central management of OES servers

    We need to be able to centrally manage OES servers without additional tools. Windows has basic tools that let you administer servers. It also has GPOs to easily make ...

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    Novell-named should support response policy zones.

    This has been available since bind 9.8.1 and now Windows 2016 has it implemented.

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    iprint Printer profiles for users

    iprint can only assign one printer profile to a printer, but different users offen need different profiles. For instance they need different cost center, when they from ...

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    Microsoft Azure Active Directory Integration

    With the increasing popularity of cloud services, many medium and large organizations are moving to cloud. Hence, integrating Azure AD with the Open Enterprise Server ...

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    WMI Filters for Processing GPOs

    We would like to leverage WMI filters for applying Group Policies

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    List unique file extensions under “(Other Extensions)” in Inventory ...

    The Inventory Report lists all files which has no extension and has dot in the name as the part in the name after the dot is the extension of the file ( for example, ...

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    Pathname Exceeds 255-Character Limit

    https://www.novell.com/documentation/oes11/stor_nss_lx/data/b5wurur.html Please extend this limit to lets say 65k. When migrating from other filesystems, fileservers to ...

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    Continue Development on .NET / C# LDAP Libraries

    Microsoft provides a DirectoryService class in .NET that is supposed to handle LDAP communication. While it is possible to write applications targeted at non-Microsoft ...

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    Automatic certificate handling with single repository for server ...

    SSL certificates reside in multiple locations on the OES Linux servers. If the certificates must be replaced due to expiration or other issues this means that copies must ...

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    OS X Support for DNS/DHCP Console

    Description: The DNS/DHCP Console runs on Windows and Linux, but not officially on OS X (unofficially -- see below). As OS X clients are increasingly coming into Novell ...

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    OES Client to work off-site

    Laptop use in increasing amongst our users. If a user is off-site, they cannot access our file servers directly using NCP or CIFS and have to deliberately choose to use ...

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    SNMP Monitoring for OES

    Linux has native SNMP monitoring for trivial integration to existing monitoring systems. So does Windows (although it also has its own) All OES services are an invisible ...

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    Give us salvage for edirectory objects

    Wouldn't it be great to be able to restore an edirectory object removed by accident and be able to recreate it from kind of an edirectory salvage pool/trash bin? Who ...