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    Provide a supported Service Desk Appliance for HyperV

    We have Customer with HyperV Virtualization. For all other products there is a vhd file available. Since ZSD is based on the same appliance as Zenworks, Filr, ... there ...

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    xen and other appliances

    Currently the only appliance provided is vmware. We would like xen and other virtualization platform appliances for this

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    Have NSD use LDAP instead of directory groups - especially for ...

    I am installing NSD in a few client sites where there are 5,000 to 10,000 users in the eDirectory tree or the AD Domain. All users should be able to use NSD to create ...

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    Silent CLI installation using a configuration file

    Current behavior : User needs to execute "java -jar Installer.jar" and inputs the details on the upcoming installation screens. This is the only way an user can install ...

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    Automatically execute DB script on to DB server

    As of now, after NSD installation user need to generate a DB script, copy it and run it on DB server. Expected behavior : Once user inputs the DB details(DB type, ...