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    Common Appliance Format: Citix XENserver Support missing!

    We definitely need the Citrix XEN server support, this was originally mentioned with an idea already comleted. ( Filr Appliance has support for all hypervisors including ...

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    Provide a supported Service Desk Appliance for XenServer 7.x and ...

    In case, you not provide an update for a Manual Installation, so we have to migrate to the appliance. But if you have an Citrix XenServer System, you need a supported ...

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    make custom fields non-editable for customer

    We use the custom fields for order management for our customer. If we create custom fields in a store item, the user is able to edit these after creating his order ...

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    CC functionality

    we noticed that each recipient in « customer CCs» are receiving the upgrade information in a hidden mail ( cm ) and not in a (cc ) form, knowing that even the Customer ...

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    Scheduled Backups for Service Desk Appliance

    For the embedded PGSQL database, include a (default) option to keep x days of backups on the local appliance, and schedule this during installation. This should be ...

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    NSD Appliance: In-place upgrade

    I want an option to perform in-place upgrade for NSD appliance. Today I can only perform side-by-side upgrade