• Planned


    Provide a supported Service Desk Appliance for HyperV

    We have Customer with HyperV Virtualization. For all other products there is a vhd file available. Since ZSD is based on the same appliance as Zenworks, Filr, ... there ...

  • Planned


    Request URL to be available on ALL email templates

    The Request URL is a link that is identified by the Request Number and links you directly to the request within Service Desk. Unfortunately this is only available on ...

  • Planned


    Unified search which includes Incidents, Service Requests & Problems

    It would be very helpful to only have one search form which can find tickets regardless of the type.

  • Planned


    Ability to create new tickets with mobile apps

    Please add the ability to create new incidents and service requests through the Android and iOS apps.

  • Planned


    Rename hardcoded Categories through description

    Due to ZENWorks import categories like Hardware, Software and Mobile Devices are hardcoded and not translatable. Not english Customers, particular in the Customer portal, ...

  • Planned


    Permalinks for tickets

    Please add the ability to have unique URLs which point directly to specific tickets.

  • Planned


    Ability to open more than 1 session per User

    Actually you cannot open a second session with the same user. If you working on several Tickets in more than one process at the same time it is cumbersome. Switching ...

  • Planned


    when adding a note, make technician cc a dropdown field to select ...

    We shouldn't have to type in the technician e-mail address by hand each time.

  • Planned


    Configurable window-sizes for popup Textboxes

    If you have a large screen, the text-input boxes are small. a lot of the screenspace is unused. Instead of Scrollbars use the actually wasted monitor-space to show more ...

  • Planned


    Widget "Create new Ticket" in Technican-portal Dashboard

    Ability to create new Tickets "One-Klick-away" from the Dashboard in Technician-Portal. The Dashboard is a good to get an overview of existing Tickets. It would be nice ...